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Solo project created during the Ludum Dare 43 on the theme "We must make sacrifices". Represented here by the cost of the player's life to be able to shoot at his enemy.

The brick texture was from DJ Fenix from the website "HamsterSpeak" from this page : http://superwalrusland.com/ohr/issue26/ . I created some variant with blood texture to fit in the universe of my game.

The music from the game are from TeknoAXE from his channel here : Conferring with an old Master (for the menu) and Bad Graffix Crow(for the rest of the game). His website can be found here.

The sound-effect was made with the library of sound effects from the website FreeSound.  The sounds used are : Explosion_03; Explosion_01; Hit_03 ; Hit_01

And finally, i used this (number 5 of the list) sound from Universal Soundbank .

It was my first Game Jam and i wanted to make a solo project to see what i can do. Ordinary I'm a gameplay programmer so i had to improvise on the art (which are cool btw) and the sound. I'm quite happy with the result but I would like to have your return to what could be improved.


GatheringOfBlood.rar 22 MB

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